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ProtoNet Team

Protonet has been developed as part of a joint effort between the Department of Life Sciences and the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) both in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Development Group

The following people have taken part in the development of ProtoNet:


Prof. Michal Linial
Prof. Nati Linial

Graduate Students

Nadav Rappoport
Manor Askenazi (ARISTO)

Database Design and Management

Michael Dvorkin
Reuven Abliyev

Web Mastering and Design

Solange Karsenty

Former Contributors

Menachem Fromer (SPRINT)
Yaniv Loewenstein
Elon Portugaly (EVEREST)
Ori Sasson
Noam Kaplan (PANDORA)
Uri Inbar
Hillel Fleischer
Ilona Kifer (ProTarget)
Moriah Friedlich
Ori Shachar
Yonatan Bilu
Avishay Vaaknin
Hagit Mor-Ulanovsky
Alexander Savenok (Web Designer)

System Group

Chana Slutzkin
Ely Levy


The following people helped in initiating and supporting the ProtoNet project:
Danny Braniss, Prof. Naftali Tishby, Edna Wigderson.

The ProtoNet project was supported in part by the Horowitz Foundation, Yissum, the Israeli Ministry of Science, and the Israeli Ministry of Defence. The Sudarsky Center for Computational Biology provides support through fellowships for graduate students.